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Kisvin Science Inc. is a small startup venture as a maker of sap flow system and a Viticultural consulting that works with a focus on scienceful farming. We derived from the University of Tokyo since 2015.  We conduct a consultation for practical and scienceful viticulture in the field, and supply the brand new sensor and monitoring system for better developing agriculture. 


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CTO/COO Kazuhiro Nishioka 
Developer of the Low Cost Sap Flow Sensor & Plant Scientist.
 Fortunately, I have been influenced by my grandfather who is farmer and neighborhood agricultural scientist from my childhood. When I noticed I was chasing their backs. My agricultural career started from horticulture 20 years ago. Then, I started my viticultural research while studying forest ecology in my doctoral course days.
 As a passionate viticulturist with more than 15 years of experience in Japan wine industry, I have understood the difficulty of winegrape growing in this rainy environment, but we must improve our cultivation methods to protect our farms from the effects of climate change. This is the most challenging subject in this industry.
 So I started to study how to overcome these problems by applying classic grafting techniques while using sap flow sensors. It sounds like a long way, but I'm enjoying a very exciting and fun research life.
Kisvin Science Inc.

304, Food Science Bld., Faculty of Agriculture, The University of Tokyo,  1-1-1 Yayoi, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan. 1330032

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