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Our brand new sensor coming soon!

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

The thin-film sap flow sensor will be rolling out from the plant soon. The manufacturing techniques and circuit design have been revised to improve usability. It's still only an engineering sample, but we haven't stopped improving it. Anyone who has used a conventional sap flow sensor will be surprised to see this new sensor in their hands.

I have been roundly criticized by many people dealing with research equipment that we shouldn't make cheap sensors. But why didn't I stop? It is simply for the advancement of agronomy and plant science. At least, sap flow sensors are one of the few research instruments that can be used at a lower cost. However, for a long time, the imported sap flow sensors have been too expensive for most agricultural researchers to use. There are not many people like me who have been able to make their own sap flow sensors since their university days. So when I was in my doctoral course, I took a leap of faith and started a manufacturer, Nissy Instruments. Kisvin Science was founded to further expand the business of Nissy Instruments to provide low cost sap flow sensors worldwide.

The sap flow sensor is a useful tool that can definitely contribute to the development of agronomy and plant science. We humans still do not fully understand the physiological characteristics of crops and wild plants. With the sap flow sensor, you can investigate how individual plants behave in their natural environment, just like you would with a stethoscope. If you want to get to know the plants in front of you better, don't hesitate to pick up our sap flow sensors. It's by no means as easy to use as a weather sensor, but you'll definitely be getting valuable plant physiological data.

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